Frequently Asked Questions

      1. Is the black coating the same as other product?
VV is using the tourmaline coating which did less damage to hair than black titanium or other stainless steel materials
      2. Can I use when my hair is wet?
Professional hair stylist does not recommend using any heat hair styling product when the hair is wet as it will damage the hair scales.
      3. How long can the hair style keep after using VV?
Depending on the situation. Things like temperature, hair quality, the time of using the product, etc. will all affect the result, so the time would be different for everyone.
      4. Why VV barrel size is 30mm but not 32mm which usually see on the market?

Based on the research of various professional hair stylist, we discover that 30mm barrel size is the most perfect size as it can provide the best elasticity and curl shape to the hair.

      5. Vice Versa doesn’t seem to be working on my hair.  Why would this happen?

In order to make the hair style you want, you need to choose the suitable temperature. Low (110°C ) is for fine or thin hair; Medium (160°C ) is for thin to medium textured hair; High (195°C )is for thick hair. 

      6. What can I do if I don't know how to use VV?

When you have trouble on using VV, feel free to visit our youtube channel for styling tips. Also, You are always welcome to revisit to the place you purchase VV or call our hotline and ask for an instruction or help. 

      7. There is smoke coming out when I am using VV!

Don't worry, VV won't burn your hair. Smoke coming out is a natural phenomenon, this would happen when your hair is moisture or due to the hair oil which appear on the surface of your hair is heated up.

      8. Can I use VV in other countries?

Absolutely, VV has a universal voltage (110~240V), which allow you to use in any countries.

      9. When I use VV, why does the temperature LED light start to flash?

The LED light flash means VV is heating up, when VV reach the temperature level you chose, the LED light will back to steady.